EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations

EuroAm Travel Club offers small and custom group tours to select countries in Central Europe including the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Poland, and Hungary.

Check the Czechs Tour

June 4th - June 20th, 2014
Tour of the Czech Republic
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsThe Czech Republic is a country of fairytale castles, forests, rolling hills, lakes, music and art, medieval towns and chateaux. This tour will circle the country beginning in magnificent Prague, continuing with picturesque towns, country sites with towering castles, and forest hikes.

Tour Highlights:

  • Comprehensive tour of Prague and Prague sightseeing
  • Private boat dinner on the Vltava River
  • Musical performance in Prague
  • Fascinating spa town of Karlovy Vary
  • Tour of the Moser crystal glass factory
  • Rolling hills of the Sumava Forest
  • Historic town of Cesky Krumlov
  • Architectural gems of Tels and Slavonice
  • Beer and wine tasting with folklore music
  • Castles and chateaux
  • Walachian wooden village of Roznov; Frank's former hometown
  • Overnight stay at a private castle

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Women's Resource Center - Czech Tour

June 22nd - July 7th, 2014
Tour of the Czech Republic
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsTour Highlights:

  • Historic Prague
  • Two days in Karlovy Vary, a picturesque hot springs town
  • Plzen and the “Pilsner Urquel” brewery
  • Camp fire and entertainment in the Czech Black Forest
  • Spectacular town of Cesky Krumlov
  • Telc, the fairytale South-Bohemian village
  • The wine cellars of Mikulov
  • The monumental chateau of Lednice
  • Roznov, Frank’s former home town and visiting with his family
  • Medieval dress up party at the private castle of Vilemov
  • Czech native speaking guide - Frank
  • Pleasing mix of touring, history, culture, music, nature and time at leisure.

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Heart of Europe Tour

August 27 - September 13, 2014
Tour of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsBoth leisurely and comprehensive, this tour provides a generous overview of these distinctly different, and fascinating nations; four countries that share a very similar turbulent history. This experience will allow you exclusive access to cultural, musical and culinary specialties of each country.

Tour Highlights:

  • Best of elegant Prague
  • Private boat dinner on the Vltava River
  • Making of the original Czech garnets
  • Town of Roznov (Frank's former home town) and Walachian wooden village
  • Historic Krakow
  • Wieliczka underground Salt Mines
  • Spectacular High Tatra Mountains
  • Rafting on Dunajec River
  • Hiking the Slovakian Paradise
  • Dobsinske Ice Caves
  • Scenic Danube Bend
  • Comprehensive Budapest touring
  • Hungarian "cowboys" at Varga Tanya
  • Gypsy music concert

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Rock the Dolomites Tour

September 15th - September 27th, 2014
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsThis unique tour will take you through the most spectacular alpine regions of Western Europe, designed with EuroAm Travel Club’s traditional high standards in mind. Along with Peter Candaten & Andrea Zimmermann’s extensive knowledge of the region, this tour will provide you with comprehensive and enjoyable traveling experience. Following our first tour of this breath taking region in 2012 we refined certain aspects of the tour to make it even more attractive. We added some of the beaten path sites where you would find very few American tourists. Our goal is to introduce you to the most beautiful and cultural sites and the places you always wished to visit; small villages, postcard-perfect outdoor sites, as well as a sampling of local cultural and culinary fares, including visits with local families.

Tour Highlights:

  • Old Town Munich
  • Seefeld and Bathing Lake of Moesern
  • Historic and Olympic Town of Innsbruck
  • Spectacular Tyrolean Museum at Bergisel
  • Hiking the Seegrube Mountain
  • Historic Brixen and Meran
  • Hiking in the Dolomites
  • Gardens of Trautmannsdorf
  • St. Martin Village in South Tyrol
  • Vineyards at Chateaux of Rametz including a tour and wine degustation, Farewell Dinner at Munich's Oktoberfest, and many other adventures.

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Adriatic Splendor Tour

September, 2015 - Dates TBA
Tour of Slovenia and Croatia
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsExperience the remarkable and untouched history and culture of two fascinating countries of Slovenia and Croatia. From the dominating Julian Alps, deep gorges and green country sites in Slovenia to the ancient towns along the blue Adriatic Sea to the spectacular old city of Dubrovnik.

Tour Highlights:

  • Historic Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia
  • Picturesque lakeside town of Bled
  • Dramatic hike in the Vingtar cascade gorge
  • Triglav National Park
  • Underground caves of Skocjanska
  • Lipica, home of the noble Lipizzaner horses
  • Ancient coastal town of Piran
  • Spa town of Rijeka
  • Evening dinner at a private fishing boat
  • Amazing island of Hvar
  • Coastal travel on the Adriatic Highway
  • Spectacular walled city of Dubrovnik
  • The ancient town of Split with its monumental Diocletian Palace
  • Dramatic hikes in the Plitvice National Park

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Customized Tours of Central Europe

We can design, organize and lead any type and any length of a tour in these countries that will fit your interest and desire.

The following are some suggested tour options:

  • Bicycling and/or hiking
  • Themed tours with emphasis on: wine and beer tasting, castles and chateaux, old trains, music, fitness/spas/wellness, and golf. The selected tour will be supplemented with additional activities. The tour can also be arranged as a combination of the above suggestions.
  • A family discovery/ancestry
  • Special interest/incentive group travel for seniors, banks, photography, church and architectural groups.

More Information

Why travel to Central Europe?

For obvious reasons, the former Eastern bloc countries were not a travel destination for most Americans during the more than 40 years of communist rule. Today the Iron Curtain is history. But for many Americans Central Europe is still a mysterious place. This uncertainty, in addition to the language challenge and perceived safety issues, prevents many from traveling to this part of the world, particularly outside the main visited areas.

Central Europe, however, has blossomed since the end of communism. Our Central European destinations are ready to introduce you to a new world of exciting cultural adventure, more rewarding than you might ever have imagined.

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Our Intention

To be different! We are not a mass group travel services operator. We cover the territories that we personally know best. We want to show you cultural, historical, natural, musical, and culinary variety of every region we visit. We want you to know the people, feel the country, and make friends. We want it to touch your heart.

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